“Charles is a cornerstone of our ground-breaking LBCambridge programme for in-house lawyers. He has presented at all twenty one events since 2006 and never fails to deliver an outstanding session. He is a world class presenter who immediately builds rapport with a room, but his skill as a presenter is more than matched by an empathetic, thoughtful and open manner that focuses 100% on the audience as individuals. Great company, a multi-talented man and a good friend.”

Paul Gilbert – Chief Executive – LBC Wise Counsel

“Charles is a fantastic coach and mentor. His approach is insightful, inspirational and innovative which is helped by an engaging personality and a genuine wish to help others improve both their work ad life”

Ian White – Group General Counsel and Group Company Secretary – Wilkinson Group

“An inspirational facilitator, who was easily able to get a room of lawyers on their feet and engaging with each other as if they had all grown up together. A sensitive and gentle individual, Charles has a wonderful manner and most appealing presentational style.”

John Abramson – General Counsel and Head of Compliance (Europe) – Travelers

Charles is a man with an unusually comforting informal style and an evident but easy sense of humour – so important in offerings which by their nature involve people looking into their own and colleagues’ psyches. It’s a good skill to be able to do this, adding an element of ”fun”, whilst at the same time communicating a sense of seriousness and maintaining focus and direction. Charles excels in this respect through his knowledge of people, observational skill, a fair helping of gravitas which people pick up through interaction with him and his obvious expertise in the area. He’s a very useful man to know. I’d recommend Charles for this offering without hesitation.”

Malcolm Lawrence – Managing Director – Concerto IP Ltd

“On behalf of the team, many thanks once again. There was a real buzz afterwards and the feeling has been very positive with noises being made about it being our best strategy day ever! It was extremely interesting and I think will prove very helpful in assisting our internal comms and relationships as we continue to grow and become a more complex business.” (Nov 2014)

Another great day with you which we are still all talking about. We have already progressed some of the ideas and are putting in place new initiatives for 2016.”

Nick Goodman – Managing Director – Membership Engagement Services

“Charles is a very reliable and resourceful coach and facilitator. He always achieves first class results moving participants from insight to. He adds great value to any forum and is particularly effective at Board facilitation takactioning the strategic conversation to tangible outcomes.”

Paul Bennett – Director of Executive Education – University of Southampton